Circumpolar treeline research

PPS Arctic forestPPS Arctic has it's background in the IASC founded project Tundra Taiga Interface (TTI), which was initiated by Terry Callaghan during a Treeline Workshop in Abisko, Sweden, in April 2000. During IPY, TTI grew into a large international research project under the name PPS Arctic.

Tundra Taiga Interface

Scientific rational

PPS Arctic and TTI meetings

  • 2010 5th PPS Arctic Annual meeting, Edmonton, Canada
  • 2009 4th PPS Arctic Annual meeting, Moscow Region
  • 2008 3rd PPS Arctic Annual Meeting, St. John's
  • 2007 2nd PPS Arctic Annual Meeting, Tromsø
  • 2006 1st PPS Arctic Annual Meeting, Québec City
  • 2005 PPS Arctic startup meeting, Copenhagen
  • 2004 5th TTI Annual Meeting Helsinki
  • 2003 4th TTI Annual Meeting Tromsø
  • 2002 3rd TTI Annual Meeting Anchorage
  • 2001 2nd TTI Annual Meeting Québec City
  • 2000 1st TTI Annual Meeting Edinburgh
  • 2000 Treeline Workshop Abisko