About us

Circumpolar treeline research

PPS Arctic forestThe project is coordinated from Norway by Annika Hofgaard, Norwegian Institute for Nature Research, in close cooperation with the co-coordinator Gareth Rees, Scott Polar Research Institute, University of Cambridge, UK, and the Project Steering Board.


  • Annika Hofgaard NINA, Trondheim, Norway


  • Gareth Rees SPRI, Univ. Cambridge, UK

Steering board

  • David Cairns Texas Univ., US
  • Nancy Doubleday Carleton Univ., Canada
  • Karen Harper Dalhousie Univ., Canada
  • Annika Hofgaard NINA, Norway
  • Gareth Rees Univ. of Cambridge, UK
  • Bjartmar Sveinbjörnsson Univ. of Alaska, US
  • Tatiana Vlassova RAS, Moscow, Russia
  • Brian Starzomski                                     Univ. of Victoria, Canada
  • Andrew Trant                                              Student Representative

The PPS Arctic location within the IPY scientific framework is viewed here.

PPS Arctic consists of >50 post doc and graduate student projects, jointley searching to fulfil the aims outlined in the PPS Arctic full proposal submitted in September 2005. However, the nationally based funding and subsequent commitments restricts this somewhat. Currently ca 115 scientist and students from 10 different countries are involved in the project. All projects are designed around a common PPS Arctic Manual.



PPS Arctic brings together a large number of projects and expertise from around the circumpolar north and more southern associated sites. Collaboration and network building is a central tool within PPS Arctic. In particular, we encourage young scientists and students to take part in, develop and lead the project/network into the future. We welcome all individuals interested in our research network and its projects to join PPS Arctic or take part in selected sections of specific interest. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.