5th Annual PPS Arctic Meeting


The meeting was held in Edmonton, Canada, 3-6 November 2010
The 5th Annual PPS Arctic meeting was held in Edmonton, Canada, 3-6 November 2010 and organized as an open science conference:

Understanding Circumpolar Ecosystems in a Changing World: Outcomes of the International Polar Year

3-6 November 2010

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University of Alberta Conference Centre, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Northern ecosystems are increasingly becoming a high-profile topic on the political agenda. Most of the circumpolar regions are seen as pristine landscapes, which have experienced radical changes in climate, vegetation, and animals. Warming during the last 30 years has been associated with warming and disappearing permafrost, changes in growth rates of dominant trees, natural and anthropogenic disturbances, and changes in vertebrate populations. The causal links among these changes and their implications for the functioning of the circumpolar region and the people who live there are not completely understood. To understand the current and future structure, diversity, and functioning of the circumpolar region, it is important to understand how climate and disturbance interact and the implications of these interactions for ecological, economic, and cultural sustainability of the circumpolar region. The conference will address these topics.

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