Circumpolar treeline research

This Norwegian-Russian collaboration network is coordinated by A. Hofgaard, NINA, Norway, in close cooperation with the principal investigators and research teams from Moscow State University and Russian Academy of Science. The overall aim is to develop long-lasting scientific and educational collaboration network with focus on development in northern regions through combined natural- and social science approaches.

Geographical region

  • Kola Penninsula, Russia

Status funding

  • Funded 2008-2010

Project workers

  • Principal investigators: T.Vlassova, O.Tutubalina, N. Lukina, L. Isaeva, for full list of project workers see "people" under About us

Project description

The overall aim of Benefits (“Natural and Social Science Research Cooperation in Northern Russia and Norway for Mutual Benefits across National and Scientific Borders”) will be reached through emphasis on three focal research themes, based on ongoing nationally funded research projects. These scientific components making up Benefits jointly seeks to generate comprehensive information on, and tools for characterizing and monitoring of i) environmental status and spatiotemporal changes of northern forest-tundra ecosystem; ii) distribution and change of human land use and underlying environmental and social drivers; and iii) subsequent consequences to human societies and the environment. See the project description for further details