PPS Arctic

Circumpolar treeline research

PPS Arctic forestPPS Arctic, "Present day processes, Past changes, and Spatiotemporal variability of biotic, abiotic and socio-environmental conditions and resource components along and across the Arctic delimitation zone", is a Norwegian coordinated core project under IPY, that has its background in IASC funded project activities since 2000. PPS Arctic investigates causes and consequences of changes in the circum-arctic treeline zone, using fieldwork and remote sensing to examine and model temporal and spatial aspects of ecological, social and climate factors. Changes in the zone affect Arctic ecosystem processes, resource availability and the Arctic climate through changes in tree and shrub cover and subsequently albedo, with global consequences.

PPS Arctic has a strong international and interdisciplinary approach. During IPY (2007-2009, www.ipy.org) and successive years research teams active at more than three dozen circumpolar sites are carrying out recording, monitoring and experimental studies that allow for comparison, modelling and validation of changes in the arctic tundra-taiga transition, and its causes and consequences.

PPS Arctic brings together a large number of projects and expertise from around the circumpolar north and more southern associated sites. Collaboration and network building is a central tool within PPS Arctic. In particular, we encourage young scientists and students to take part in, develop and lead the project/network into the future. We welcome all individuals interested in our research network and its projects to join PPS Arctic or take part in selected sections of specific interest. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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